Monday, October 27, 2008

A Happy Ending for a Santorini Stray


The only things I remember of my early life were loneliness, fear and hunger. I spent the first year and a half of my life wandering the streets of Santorini Greece. I had no family and no person. I ate from trash bins and sometimes food that the nice people who came to help the animals would put out for me. I had to be careful because some bad people would poison the food or put ground glass in it.
I met my person one night on the street. There was something about him that made me know that it was right. I cowered when he came to me in case I was wrong. This time I wasn’t wrong. He gently stroked my head, face and ears. I followed him to his villa, even though people were telling him to stop me. I curled up at his feet when he sat looking at the stars and sea, and I slept at his door waiting for him to be with me in the morning. For a brief time, we were together. When he went back into the villa, the maid chased me away, and I was attacked by dogs I didn’t know. I ran as far away as I could. After some time, I returned to my person, but he was gone. The room was empty of his things, and his scent had faded. And then I wandered again.
They told me that my person found out about the bad things that happened to many of the dogs, and that he returned from another island so that the nice people who help the animals could help him look for me. They said he looked for 2 days, but that I was nowhere to be found. Then my person went back to his home away from here so that he could be with his other dog Toby.
A month later, one of the women who helps the animals saw me on the street, and remembered that she had helped my person look for me. She took pictures of me and sent them to my person saying, “Look who we found. What should we do with him?” My person said to keep me safe, he would return for me. The nice women took me into her home and fed me and cared for me until my person came from his home away from here to get me and take me someplace safe. The nice woman took me on an airplane from Santorini to Athens to be with my person and he took me on an airplane to go to his home away from here.
I live with my person now. Toby has since gone away....he was a very old dog. My person has 2 other dogs and 2 cats that needed him too. We all spend our days happy and know that we are loved when he smiles and laughs with us.

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