Thursday, February 12, 2009

Poisonings in Perissa

Popular, harmless dogs murdered in Perissa...

Unfortunately there has been another poisoning in Perissa of 2 dogs and unknown number of cats.

As SAWA member Vincent Lagauche from nearby Perivolas describes, the dog in the photograph was poisoned in front of the "Question" cafe in Perissa. The other dog, which was adopted by the owners of Question, remains unfindable as he died far from there, and has been put in a trash, and taken by the trashmen to the main trash field in Fira.

These dogs were murdered.... Photos taken by SAWA neighbour who knew the dogs well....

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Karin said...

A link to the blog has been posted today at the TripAdvisor's Santorini Forum along with - just a humble cry for help...
Why am I not surprised that the post was removed right away?
I suppose it's bad for TA's business... BTW, the animals are being killed by the exact same reason.

Oooh - Aaaah!! those Greeks are REALLY bad! - And they're very glad to have TripAdvisor to tell the world about the REAL thing! -The $300-500 accomodations on Santorini. Who the hell cares for a "flock" of dirty strays!

WE DO!!!
And we will never get tired of it TRIPADVISOR!!!!