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1. Neutering Spading of Dogs and Cats 2008-2009
The sterilisation of strays to reduce the population of stray animals is the main aim of SAWA.
The local vet, Margarita Valvi, has neutered/spade the following animals in 2008/2009. The Municipality of Fira (30%) and the European Union (70%) fund the sterilisation of Dogs of approximately 100 dogs per year.
The sterilisation of Cats is paid by SAWA donations (100%).
Volunteers are needed for this programme to transport stray dogs and cats to the Vet.
2008 – Cats: 242 (95 male, 147 female)
2008 – Dogs: 108 (65 male, 43 female)

2009 - Jan to March Cats 67
2009 - Jan to March Dogs 46

Anyone can bring stray cats to be sterilised without being charged (the SAWA will pay for this), but we ask that the person becomes a SAWA member by paying the yearly fee of 30€.

Margarita Valvi stated that Hunting dogs consist of 60% of the stray population in Santorini.
Despite informing the Santorini Hunting Association of this problem, and the need to sterilise hunting dogs, there has been no change in recent years.

2. Internet Update
SAWA Blog -
The SAWA blog has had 968 hits since its creation in October 2008.
The main viewers are from the following countries – Greece, United States , Germany , United Kingdom and Austria .

New SAWA Facebook Group
The new SAWA Facebook group consist of 158 members from all around the world.
It is an excellent way to inform people of what is happening with SAWA and animals.
It was agreed that where there is another group that refers to Santorini animals, SAWA should participate in the group and inform the members what is happening on the island and the work that is being done here.
Eleni Economou is doing this. She is posting to such groups and informing them of SAWA.

Independent Facebook Groups have been created
Save Santorini's Dogs...Stop the Poisonings (1,172 members)
Discussions on poisonings, ways of raising awareness on the island, helping SAWA, etc.

Save the Santorini Donkeys! (163 members)
Discussions on status of working Donkeys in Santorini.

3. Christina Kaloudi’s Idea – Goran Bregović (Composer) Concert in Santorini August
Christina suggested asking a friend who works for Bregovic if a SAWA information stand can be set up at the concert.
The Information Stand could register new members and ask people to join SAWA, or give a donation in the moneybox, or make and sell cotton bags with SAWA logos.
Alexandros Bellonias also offered to help with promoting SAWA at some of the 40 local events that are happening over summer.

4. Money Boxes
SAWA needs volunteer to take on responsibility of distributing and collecting moneyboxes, as most times, they are not returned at the end of the season. Some were even stolen from shops and bars.
We currently have the new ceramic Pig moneybox that Margarita had made, and some smaller, transparent money boxes which Eleni ordered from UK .

5. Donkey update from Dimitris Sigalas, Environment Department, Municipality of Fira
New Taxi donkey regulation has been created by Fira Municipality . It was effect as of 1/1/2009. It is published it on our blog in Greek and English.

The Municipality of Fira “Donkey Health Book” for taxi donkeys are ready and were seen by the members.

The Donkey owners have been informed of the new Code of Practice, and are not very impressed and not very cooperative about it. There still needs a lot of work to improve the situation at the Old Port. The donkey owners need to start using shelter at the bottom of stairs instead of having donkeys wait on the footpath in the sun. The Council Police will be enforcing the regulation and fining illegal donkey owners throughout the season.

Mr Sigalas also asked that SAWA volunteers visit the Old port and report anything important they see eg. Injured taxi donkeys.

Top shelter at Old Fira
We are still waiting for the generous donation that Mr Stelios Hatzioannou (Easy Jet) offered us, so the Top Donkey Shelter is running behind schedule. Mr Stelios Hatzioannou has agreed to pay for most of the construction of the Top shelter. The taxi donkeys/mules will have a larger area for shelter and water and they will not wait in the sun anymore at the top of caldera.

Mr Paul Svendsen from Donkey Sanctuary has informed us that his donation - saddle blankets and stirrups for mules and donkeys are ready to be sent to Santorini. These will be lent to donkeys/ mules by the Fira Municipality with the new regulation.

6. Need for more fundraising and raising awareness events
SAWA needs volunteers to help with happenings such as bazaars, animal trainer demonstrations, Information stands, selling t-shirts, etc.
Need for SAWA Public Relations volunteer to help with promoting at events.
More raising awareness – Schools, Volcano TV, Local radio, etc

7. SAWA Elections and New Practical

We need to have elections after two years, as three of the seven Board members do not participate in SAWA Meetings It was also agreed that the SAWA Practical needs to be changed. This needs to be done very quickly so new President can sign the 2009 sterilisation contract with the Municipality of Fira .


FROM 9:30 TO 19:30

8. SAWA supports Environmental Events on World Environment Day 28th March, 2009 in Santorini
(1) The Santorini International Women is Association, Environmental dept, is organising a Beach Clean Up Day at Monolithos Beach . All helpers are welcome!

(2) WWF Earth Hour – Turn off your electricity from 20:30 to 21:30. The Mayor of Thira has signed an agreement to participate in this event.

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Vicky said...

I see your meeting minutes are dated from 2009. We have just returned from a cruise that stopped at Santorini (August 2014). We were utterly disgusted and deeply saddened by what we saw... donkeys and horses still carrying hefty tourists up and down the mountain with NO WATER and NO in and day out! This practice of "Donkey Taxi's" should be stopped all together! The donkeys and horses are whipped and forced to carry heavy loads of people...this is inhumane! PLEASE put a stop to this insanity!!!!!