Friday, April 9, 2010

Mass Cat poisonings in Ia......

I was recently informed of a number of poisoned cats found in Ia approximately one month ago, near the Platzani square. In addition, a number of cats have not been found.

An owner of two neutered cats who lives near the square has not seen them ever since.
I personally know of one missing cat named Kefala. She has disappeared since this period. She has been quietly living on the caldera for at least 8 years and is loved and fed by many summer tourists and by some locals in the winter.

This is a post by one of Kefala's admirers, it speaks for itself.....

Nicola Haastert This is Kefala, a wonderful cat

which stayed with us on our Santorini terrace in 2003. We wer

e tremendously lucky to meet her

again in 2009 when we took this picture, so she must be at

least 8 years, this is a terrific age for a Greek stray cat.

Right now, we have to fear

though, that she got poisoned since no one has seen her late

ly and there have been cat poisonings close to her preferred area

.We are sooooo sad right now and so w

orried. But we will not give up yet, still ho

ping that she will show up again at her preferred (safe) fee

ding place.
Please my frien

ds, keep your thumbs pressed, your fingers crossed and your thoughts with this wonderful cat. I sincerely wish that we will not have seen her for the last time! Thank you!

Kefala, 'our' cat from 2003. Unbelievable, she is still alive and wonderful to see her again!



Joanna said...

I love Greece,but i hate the way some greek people treat the animals.
We come to Santorini in May but i am afraid to see animals suffering.
I am working for an Animal Protection Organsation here in Holland and i hope i can help some of these poor animals.
I would like to bring a visit to your shelter.

Kind regards, Joanna

Anonymous said...


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