Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Minutes of SAWA General Meeting 15/11/2008

1. Donkey Update

Top shelter at Old Fira – Mr Stelios Hatzioannou (Easy Jet) has agreed to pay for construction of Top shelter for Fira donkeys/mules. The Fira Municipality will pay for the remaining cost. Construction will begin this winter and the full cost has been quoted as approx. 42,000 euro. The taxi donkeys/mules will have a larger area for shelter and water and they will not wait in the sun anymore at the top of caldera.

New Taxi donkey regulation has been approved and created by Fira Municipality. It will be in effect as of 1/1/2009. SAWA has published it on our blog in Greek and English.

Mr Paul Svendsen from Donkey Sanctuary has informed us that his donation - saddle blankets and stirrups for 120 mules and donkeys are ready to be sent to Santorini. These will be lent to donkeys/ mules by the Fira Municipality when the new regulation is put into force on 1/1/2009.

2. Summer - Dog/ cat adoptions

60 dogs were sent to new loving homes in Germany over summer thanks to a SAWA volunteer Ms Anderson and SAWA Germany. Some tourists on the island felt sorry for and fell in love with Santorini stray dogs. There are some photos of adopted dogs on the SAWA blog. For more photos, Margarita Valvi has hundreds of photos of happy adopted dogs in Germany and other countries.

3. New blog

English http://sawasantorini.blogspot.com/
Greek http://enosizoofilonthiras.blogspot.com/

The new blogs are encouraged to allow more participation of SAWA members. Members and any other interested person can leave comments and add material to the blog more easily than the on the website.

4. Summer Poisonings and Poison Petition

As most of you know, there were 2 major mass animal poisonings in Ia and Firostefani in November. The owners of the murdered Ia dog and SAWA worked together to raise almost 1,500 signatures insisting that law 3170/2003 be applied to and taken more seriously in Santorini. The poisoning of animals is inhumane and illegal, nevertheless it is continued in the entire country and we believe the present laws are not being applied effectively. We believe that this bestiality on our island must stop and only offers an excuse for international disgrace on the Internet and in the media.

According to Article 12, 3710/2003; “Whoever kills or abuses or abandons an animal, will be punished with imprisonment of 6 months or with a pecuniary sentence of 300 to 1500 Euros.”

5. Community of Ia Initiatives

In the aftermath of the poisonings and poisoning petitiion the Community of Ia has agreed to install dog feeders in 3 different places in the village and will discuss paying for some food for the winter months. It is also considering installing dog waste bins providing owners with plastic bags and special bins to collect dog faeces. Next year, the Council Police will be visiting Ia and we suspect some dog owners may be fined for having their dogs unescorted in the village .

6. Winter 2008-2009 jobs

Things to be done over winter -
1. Create new SAWA brochure
2. Elections

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